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Real-Time Visibility Is Redefining Food and Beverage Delivery

Coordination. It’s a simple, straightforward word, but it’s also a very powerful one. It’s the difference between success and failure in the food and beverage delivery business. Coordination means visibility and communication between your customers, your dispatch, your drivers and, sometimes, third party logistics and delivery agents who are essential for last mile delivery scenarios. Time sensitive nature of the food & beverage deliveries cannot rely on point-to-point integration and requires systems that connect all parties in real-time using the latest smartphone and cloud technologies.

Achieving that is not easy. Even if you’ve eschewed the cumbersome traditional manual dispatch and embraced some form of GPS tracking for your fleet, what do you do when product leaves your hands and is in the possession of third parties who use a different system? How can you keep customers informed and live up to their expectations of real-time visibility and notifications on their smart devices?

To compete, you need solutions that are intuitive, quick to implement, and cost-effective.

Our nuDeliverIt app is a robust mobile delivery management product that lets you:

  • Integrate with third party systems and inventory management solutions for real-time updates and notifications for all stakeholders
  • Deploy quickly and intuitively using the Android and iOS devices you already have. There’s no need for additional infrastructure costs.
  • Utilize integrated billing and electronic documentation to eliminate paper waste, human error, and accounts receivable gaps – that means getting paid faster!

Your food and beverage delivery business needs real-time visibility across both your own fleet and that of the third party partners you choose to work with. Let nuVizz help make that a reality. Learn more about nuDeliverIt and schedule a demo today!