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BrandsMart USA Selects nuVizz to Create the Next Level of Customer Experience

nuVizz Inc., an award-winning global delivery and transportation mobile solutions leader, today announced that premier retailer BrandsMart USA has chosen to enhance their white glove delivery offerings via the nuDeliverIt™ mobile delivery tracking solution.

BrandsMart USA continues to raise the bar on stellar customer experience. By integrating real-time visibility for multi-network private and third party fleet into one simple electronic dashboard to address their growing appliance and furniture business, the company positions itself for even greater customer satisfaction. For more than 35 years, BrandsMart USA has served countless customers with the best electronic, appliance and now, furniture products in the market. As more and more customers want timely delivery to the home, whether through in-store or online purchases, the ability to accurately deliver its premium products in a predictable manner is invaluable.

“We are living in a time when customer buying trends are changing and on-demand satisfaction is the key to success. Our customers want to know exactly when their deliveries are arriving and we want visibility to the entire process, from the warehouse to the home. BrandsMart USA continues to invest in thought leader technology that is transforming logistics,” said Bobby Johnson, COO, BrandsMart USA. “In nuVizz, we found the ideal partner that shares the same vision and has a track record to prove it. Our ability to connect with the customer as soon as the delivery process begins while also having end-to-end instant visibility, all in the same application, only adds to the customer experience.”

The solution features real-time advanced customer and dispatcher communication, tracking visibility, electronic bill of lading, instant electronic signature confirmation and in-app photos for condition capture. Additionally, nuDeliverIt’s in-app survey offers timely customer feedback to allow BrandsMart USA to tailor their white glove delivery services to generate a world-class customer experience. These functionalities, combined with nuVizz’s sterling reputation as a leader in delivery management innovation and customer responsiveness, have been the hallmark of nuVizz’s philosophy.

“We are thrilled by BrandsMart USA’s selection – having deployed more than 400 partners on our cloud platform, we pride ourselves in presenting the most innovative control tower type of solution to some of the most challenging visibility situations,” said Guru Rao, CEO, nuVizz. “Speed-to-market, real-time visibility into every key activity and providing BrandsMart USA with the richest timely data to accelerate their business growth is our goal.”

About nuVizz, Inc.

nuVizz is a leading enterprise mobile application, crowd enablement and services company. Most recently, they were named “Top 10 Most Innovative Georgia Companies in 2016”. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with current offices in India and France, as well as an upcoming opening in Colombia. For more information, visit

About BrandsMart USA

Founded in 1977, BrandsMart USA is one of the leading Consumer Electronics and Appliance Retailers in the Southeast and one of the largest Appliance Retailers in the country. With retail presence in the Southeast and a growing ecommerce presence at BrandsMart, BrandsMart USA continues its legacy of offering your favorite brands at the most cost-effective prices.

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