How a Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform Delivers a High ROI

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One of the biggest challenges for transportation companies is overcoming inefficiencies. Empty miles, poor route planning, missed delivery appointments, construction activity and weather events are all contributors. These inefficiencies ultimately lead to increased labor, fuel and maintenance costs. The negative impact on the bottom line is felt by all trucking companies and especially smaller carriers that do not have the economies of scale to help absorb these losses.

Real-Time Visibility Reduces Inefficiencies

Real-time transportation visibility (RTTV) into the entire delivery process is increasingly important to combat these inefficiencies, especially in an environment where supply chain disruptions and customer expectations are on the rise. Some companies only provide a window into certain points of the transportation process such as the middle or last mile. But orchestrating just one segment of the journey doesn’t provide a holistic solution.

To truly cut costs, customers need a 360º view of their entire network, starting with the distribution center, moving on to the local hub and ending with delivery confirmation. This is especially important for big enterprises that run national or regional networks with multiple carriers and agents. A system that provides RTTV across the entire network is critical for not only saving money but ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

A Platform Centered on the Customer

The cloud-based nature of Software as a Service (SaaS) makes a seamless and coordinated delivery process possible. The benefits of this solution for the transportation industry include increased visibility, streamlined operations, improved data analysis and reduced paperwork.

Additionally, SaaS provide a number of advantages over on-premise solutions such as:

  • Scalability that allows users to increase or decrease based on changing business activity
  • Ability to test the platform before purchase
  • Easy and quick installation and configuration
  • Reduced upfront capital expenses
  • Lower maintenance that saves time and money
  • Instant access to upgrades and improvements from the entire network of users.

For transportation companies, these features help them digitize the entire delivery process so they have a clear view of a package location from start to finish, which helps reduce disputes and claims and allows for accurate billing with appropriate proof.

An advanced solution also allows transportation companies to better serve their customers with a wide-range of customizable communication tools such as emails and texts that provide near real-time updates. It also offers access to a branded portal for real-time tracking of customer orders.

Delivering Tangible Results for Customers

The nuVIzz platform provides a cloud-based, networked solution that delivers real-time visibility and predictive analytics capabilities. This helps clients achieve greater efficiencies that save time, money and improve customer satisfaction. Here are some real-world stories of it in action:

Fortune 100 pharmaceutical distributor with over 6 million deliveries per year.

The company needed to provide dock-to-door visibility of every carton, including visibility of returns from the customer back to the distribution center via its hubs. Because of the nature of the products, they also needed real-time customer notifications and accurate time of arrival information. The platform provided them with complete end-to-end visibility across the entire delivery network, real-time carrier scorecards with on-time performance and delivery accuracy and a predictive ETA based on real-time events.


  • Delivery accuracy of almost 99.5%+
  • Customer inquiry reduction by ~30%+
  • Savings on lost returnable assets
  • Savings on headcount involved in data collection and reporting

Fortune 500 AgroChemical with more than 350 carriers and agents and 15+ brands.

Due to the large number of trucks and brands, the company required real time visibility at both the network and carrier level with complete document automation and customer notifications. The solution provided complete end-to-end visibility across the entire delivery network with real-time carrier scorecards that included on-time performance and delivery accuracy, plus predictive ETA based on real-time events for end customers. It has also helped the company become a 100% paperless environment.


  • Delivery accuracy close to 99%
  • NPS score improvement by 16 points within the first 6 months
  • Savings on paper handling costs
  • Savings on headcount involved in customer support

Food Retail with over 15 delivery centers serving 10,000+ stores.

With over 75,000+ deliveries per month, often in multi-chamber vehicles with a combination of freezer, refrigerator and dry goods, the company required a completely integrated solution with several vendors. It also needed to track and monitor temperatures, address overage, short, and damaged freight (OS&D) and track redeliveries and substitutes. The combination of SAP, Manhattan and nuVizz has provided them with complete end-to-end visibility across the entire delivery network, real-time reordering, credit/debit processing and predictive ETA based on real-time events.


  • Delivery accuracy close to 99%
  • Customer support questions/complaints reduced by more than 30%
  • Sales up by ~2%
  • Claims reduction by more than 10%
  • Customer Notifications – <10 minutes ETA accuracy

There’s no denying that cutting costs in an increasingly complex transportation industry requires real-time visibility across the totality of the network. This access will improve efficiencies to help your organization save money and better serve its customers. Additionally, the solution’s data analytics capabilities will help you be more proactive to further reduce delivery costs. If you want to learn how the nuVizz platform can help your company be more profitable, please contact us.