Solution for Autoparts Delivery – Enterprise Ready!

Visibility Across Multiple Delivery Partners

With Auto Parts Delivery Management Solution; Complex logistics simplified with a single pane view for your enterprise. Centralize customer experience with real time visibility into your network of delivery partners and their orders out for delivery. The solution empowers your customer service center to handle inquiries with efficiency.

Multi Site

With Auto Parts Delivery Solution, you can optimize common delivery assets across multiple parts depots within your dealership business. A central dispatching office can view DMS orders from multiple sites and plan deliveries using common set of drivers and vans.

Automated Customer
Satisfaction Surveys

With Auto Parts Delivery Management Solution; Customizable surveys can detect issues with your delivery network. Offline and real time surveys that can be enabled - no code required. Improve your NPS (Net Provider Score) and build KPIs for multi-carrier delivery network.

Our customers routinely see ...


Customer Satisfaction


Delivery Visibility







Dealer management system integration

  • Driver Utilization
  • Asset Optimization
  • Customer Satisfaction

nuVizz’s Auto Parts Delivery solution comes fully integrated with your Dealer Management System. Parts delivery orders from your DMS flow smoothly into our platform in real time. Get onboarded within a few hours and start planning your deliveries!!!

Vehicle routing and scheduling

  • Asset Optimization
  • Delivery Costs
  • Driver Throughput

Auto Parts Delivery Management Solution Develop optimized route plans that minimize mileage and fuel cost and meet customer delivery windows with greater efficiency. A VRS solution that can provide your dispatchers greater visibility and efficiency in planning your parts deliveries.

Customer visibility and ETA

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Operational Costs
  • Asset Optimization

Auto Parts Delivery Management Solution - Provide your customers visibility to the deliveries with a 90% accuracy on ETA. Automated text messaging keeps the customer informed on the schedule updates.

Paperless and contactless deliveries

  • Billing Cycle
  • Customer Experience
  • Configurability

Auto Parts Delivery Management Solution Enable contactless deliveries to maximize customer convenience and minimize risk.

Order accuracy - UP 100%

  • Delivery Accuracy
  • Revisits
  • Customer Satisfaction

Scanning and verification ensures that your dispatch is accurate when out for delivery and finally delivered at the customer site. Reduce re-deliveries / returns that can eat up your margins quickly.

Predictive ETA powered by AI & ML

  • Real Time Alerts
  • Driver Delays
  • Delivery Management

AI enabled predictive ETA can boost the accuracy of your time windows. Reduce anxiety for the end customer with a 95% + accuracy in narrow delivery windows.


Here is what our customers are saying about us.

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Doug Cantriel
Ford Smart Mobility

We are seeing reduction in driver hours. The drivers are becoming more efficient, Overall a 30-35% reduction in operating costs, mileage and maintenance.

Doug Cantriel
Ford Smart Mobility

Customers are beginning to demand deliveries in their terms, "I want delivery between 8 and 10". We have been able to meet these challenges with nuVizz Technology and getting great feedback.

Name goes here
Program Lead at NDCP

The efficient management of final mile delivery has become one of the key areas of operations for us. It includes providing real-time visibility of deliveries, ETAs, advance communication and electronic proof of delivery leveraging best-of-breed technologies

Chad Davis
Davis Trucking

Route Planning impacts your customers. It reduces the amount of time it takes your drivers to get the deliveries done. They are able to do it much more efficiently.

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