Lab Sample Collection Solution - Enterprise Ready!

Visibility across chain of networks & Lead generation partners

Chain of Custody is of paramount importance while the samples travel to its end destination. Experience the power of visibility at every stage from order placement to sample collection to delivery at the hub or laboratory

Rapid scalability

Scalability of sample collection involves logistic orchestration with scores of lead generation partners, phlebotomists and processing laboratories. Power your operations with a platform that is Enterprise ready to operate with multi channel, multi territory, multi hub operations.

C Suite Business Metrics

With Medical Logistics Solution Get real time dash board level visibility to financial and volume based metrics by geo specific or by lead generation partners or by logistic partners. Know in real time your best performing operating zones and those that you need to improvize.

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Customer Satisfaction


Real-time Delivery Visibility


Asset Utilization


Billing Cycle


Manual Labor

Merchant Portal

  • Vendor base
  • Ease of order entry
  • Vendor experience

Increase your vendor base by providing a highly customizable interface to place lab sample collection orders. Make order entry easier for your vendors and lead generation partners while providing real time tracking and status updates with our routing and dispatching solutions for medical logistics.

Routing & Scheduling

  • Static / On Demand Routing
  • Time Constraint Management
  • Fuel costs & Dead Mileage

Our routing engine helps you plan your daily lab sample collection runs with or without recurring schedules. AI & ML based routing engine also helps dynamic on demand sample pick up and / or drop services. Dispatch your phlebotomists on optimized routes created to fit in customer time constraints, reduce fuel costs and dead mileage.

Real Time Field Visibility

  • Field visibility
  • Logistics control
  • Exception handling

Never miss a beat again by having your eyes on the ground. Get real time visibility of your customer appointments and phlebotomist serviceable times. Have a 360 degree field view across geographic locations to get information of every single appointment with full order details. Handle exceptions and enhance customer service.

ETAs & Predictive Alerts

  • Real Time Alerts
  • Customer Experience
  • Technician Delays

Our AI & ML based algorithms can provide predictive delay alerts and ETAs with cascading effects for remaining sample pick up or drops with 99%+ accuracy. The real time visibility helps reduce anxiety of your patients and gives a chance to be ready for smooth sample collection or helps your business vendors to have bulk samples ready without much delays.

Charge Capture & Documentation

  • Charge Capture
  • Documentation Capture
  • Paper Cost

Enable the phlebotomist to add new orders on the fly or new customers in the same visit thus increasing revenue through our lab transport solution platform. Reduce paperwork by cutting the necessity to carry TRF forms. Document exception handling at point of service and port the information to your system to keep up with your accreditation guidelines.

Appointment scheduling & Service feedback

  • Missed Appointments
  • Customer Rating
  • Performance Improvement

Allow your patients to choose their own appointment times resulting in reduced no-shows. Provide customized feedback forms to improvise on customer delight and reward the star performers thus increasing brand recollection and repeat orders.


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Program Lead

The efficient management of final mile delivery has become one of the key areas of operations for us. It includes providing real-time visibility of deliveries, ETAs, advance communication and electronic proof of delivery leveraging best-of-breed technologies

Doug Cantriel
Ford Smart Mobility

We are seeing reduction in driver hours. The drivers are becoming more efficient, Overall a 30-35% reduction in operating costs, mileage and maintenance.

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