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Flexible Customer Demand Modeling

Shippers and distributors support a variety of services to their customers that include various parameters like delivery territories, delivery frequency (daily, weekly), preferred days of the week, promised delivery time windows, and delivery vehicle types. In addition, customers are also promised an average shipping volume per delivery. nuVizz territory planning allows for modeling all the customer demand variables for building a strategic plan. The customer demand can be consistent i.e. with predictable schedule but variable quantities, inconsistent i.e. ad hoc schedule and quantities or recurring i.e. fixed schedule and quantities.

Delivery Capacity Modeling

Distributors use a combination of owned fleets and contractors to provide delivery services to their customer territories. nuVizz Territory Planning allows modeling different forms of distribution capacity parameters including - vehicle types (vans, box trucks, trailers), vehicle schedules (fixed start and end times, sliding windows with maximum drive time), multiple vehicle depot locations, round trips or one way routes, driver break times etc.

Vehicle Routing & Scheduling - nuVizz
Customer delivery tracking

AI & ML Based Planning Optimization

Long range planning differs from within the day optimization due to varied constraints and possible ways to service customer demand. nuVizz's proprietary strategic planning algorithms enable generating multi week plans within a few minutes to maximize demand coverage and minimize driven miles while honoring all the business contraints.

Plan Visualization and What If Analysis

With nuVizz Territory Planning, planners can run various planning scenarios by changing various planning parameters and visualize the results on an interactive map based graphic interface. Planners can compare key delivery KPIs like demand coverage, driven miles, number of vehicles used etc across multiple versions of strategic plan to select the most optimal solution for their planning period

Contactless delivery
Delivery Scanning - nuVizz

Seamless Routing Integration

A delivery plan is only as good as the ability of dispatchers and drivers to execute it. nuVizz Territory Planning is seamlessly integrated with its Routing functionality. Once a planner finalizes the plan and publishes it, routes get generated automatically for dispatchers to review and assign to drivers. Customer orders get attached to planned routes seamlessly as per strategic plan and ETA get calculated in real time for customer communication. This takes away the burden on the dispatchers to manually assign orders to plans on a day to day basis opening up their time to manage customer exceptions more effectively.

Continuous Planning and Execution

Unlike other delivery management systems nuVizz is an end to end network based solution. Data from driver execution is fed back into strategic planning to model customer demand closer to reality. Once plans are generated and published, execution exceptions are monitored so that adjustments can be accommodated in the next planning cycle enabling continuous improvement












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