The Food and Beverage Delivery Industry is Transforming – Stay Ahead Of It

Competition is more intense than ever. Dozens of direct fulfillment companies are keeping customers out of brick and mortar locations with millions of monthly home deliveries. Evolution or Extinction? Those are the stark choices that food and beverage businesses face these days. It is a time of great transformation, and with that change comes great peril. On the consumer side, technologies like Amazon Alexa and Samsung Connected Appliances are paving the way for one-click grocery delivery. The “impulse buy” – which has traditionally accounted for more than 50% of store purchases – is becoming coopted by instant gratification technologies. Competing in these lanes is tough, and it’s a brand new world.

Additionally, you still have your traditional business challenges. Delivery is paperwork intensive, and thus prone to human error. It’s a failure point, and a costly one at that. Warehouses need advance warning on impending shipments, and lack of visibility in critical portions of the progress makes managing customer expectations a challenge. To compete, you need solutions that are intuitive, quick to implement, and maximize the business you have now to transform into the one you need for tomorrow and beyond. To that end, nuVizz has two superior solutions.

Our nuDeliverIt app is a robust mobile delivery management product which has a track record of launching in less than 6 weeks, lets you:

  • Utilize integrated billing and electronic documentation to eliminate paper waste, human error, and accounts receivable gaps
  • Integrate with inventory management solutions for real-time updates and notifications for all stakeholders
  • Proactively respond to customer issues via integrated surveys, plus use attached photographs ensure proper documentation for any disputes

To enable the flexibility you need to stave off disruptive competitors, we offer GoJentha™, our enterprise crowd enablement app unlike any other, gives you the ability to:

  • Offer credentialed private crowdsourced home deliveries within proximity of stores
  • Create a curbside pick-up/delivery option and improve customer visibility and item tracking
  • Provide Opt-in onboarding via the app allowing for extra work for employees without extra time and half wages

Your food and beverage delivery business is at a crossroads. It’s time to choose evolution. Learn more about the nuDeliverIt ™ and GoJentha™ solutions now!