Real-Time Customer Feedback Matters

Capturing real-time customer feedback is essential to make businesses run better but also a gesture to show customers that YOU care. Customer feedback should be captured at point of delivery or point of sale to establish loyalty and trust. As we can all attest, we want things faster and, as a result, expect superior customer service. If we do not experience the service we imagined, we will leave annoyed and frustrated.

Brand image is important especially when online platforms like Reddit are able to impact your reputation in very short order. Customers can quickly evaluate whether or not they would use your services, especially if a previous customer denoted that your service was inadequate. Recent studies show that a commitment to customer experience results in up to 25% more customer retention and revenue than sales or marketing initiatives.

With increased brand visibility online, in stores, and within last mile delivery, it is necessary for businesses to consider a solution that captures real-time customer surveys quickly with the capability to deploy any issues to a customer service representative. This is important so that all problems can be solved within a matter of minutes.

Our mobile solution, nuDeliverIt, allows you to quickly and accurately capture real-time customer feedback so you can stay ahead of the curve instead of chasing industry trends.

One of our customers, J.B. Hunt, mentioned that one of the biggest benefits of adapting the nuDeliverIt mobile app was the customer service survey. “If a customer calls and says this just happened at this delivery, it’s very helpful to know what is going on before they call so when that driver puts in that exception I can get that email, I can look at it and I am already up to date with that issue before the customer even calls.” – Landon Capps, Account Manager, J.B. Hunt


•    Improve customer satisfaction scores
•    Proactively address any issues with the delivery 
•    Easily acquire instant feedback through non-intrusive implementation

Find this and more within the nuVizz delivery tracking and management mobile app. Learn more today!