nuVizz, Inc. expands visibility to multi-hub delivery orchestration

nuVizz, Inc. expands its final mile delivery & customer experience platform capabilities to include seamless multi-hub delivery orchestration.

nuVizz, a leading provider of network based final mile delivery management and customer experience SaaS platform, today announced that it has expanded its industry leading platform with capabilities to seamlessly manage the delivery orchestration going through multiple hubs.

Delivery Partner

nuDeliverIt by nuVizz, Inc. is an industry leading true network enabled final mile delivery and transportation management SaaS platform. Since its inception in 2011, the nuDeliverIt platform has served hundreds of shippers, 3PLs, Carriers, Agents and Independent Contractors in variety of verticals including furniture, appliance, pharma, food distribution, office products and agriculture products. Most of the final mile delivery passes through a number of legs before reaching the end customer. A hub and spoke model involving line haul, hubs and final mile carriers cater to large and complex supply chains and aims to reduce costs and increase geographic reach. The nuDeliverIt platform has been expanded to provide functionality to seamlessly manage the delivery orchestration by providing real-time visibility across the entire chain and also enhancing product receiving and management at hub locations. The advanced functionality also includes intelligent route management at the hubs and forward ETA capabilities.

".. the final mile delivery challenges usually start much earlier than the final mile hub. The product typically goes through multiple hubs before reaching the final delivery DC. The customer delivery experience and visibility depends on having the view into the entire chain ..”, says Guru Rao, CEO of nuVizz, Inc., “… our expanded multi-hub delivery orchestration capabilities make the delivery experience for the customer seamless bringing the visibility across the entire chain into one place and enabling storage at multiple points and delivery to the final customer. Enterprises can gain competitive advantage by leveraging this capability and providing their customers better delivery service".

Some of the key differentiating features of nuDeliverIt platform includes:

  • Shippers & trip sources and carriers & transportation providers can register on the Marketplace
  • Shippers and trip sources can look for qualified and credentialed carriers & transportation providers on the nuVizz Marketplace from across the country
  • Carriers & transportation providers can look for new demand across different verticals (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, pharmacy delivery, medical supplies delivery etc.)
  • Negotiate and create contracts on the platform
  • Get connected with the partner with easy integration with the platform
  • Carriers & transportation providers can leverage nuVizz execution capabilities to plan, optimize, execute, get real-time visibility and automatically bill based on established partner contracts
  • Shippers and trip sources gain automatic real-time visibility for all of their shipments and trips and invoicing