Are You Ready For The Delivery Challenges of Today – And Tomorrow?

There is a truth that lies at the heart of all business: Change is the only constant. The delivery industry is now in a time of tremendous change. The Internet enables unprecedented levels of convenience, and delivery options are becoming more personalized for consumers. This is a prime opportunity for disruptors such as Amazon and other online retailers to offer innovative delivery options like Same Day Delivery. In turn, this creates significant competition for traditional 3PL providers whose distribution networks are designed to use contract or fleet carriers for delivery.

Being flexible enough to provide those delivery options to customers is cost prohibitive to a traditional structure. You may be relying on expensive parcel carriers that offer same day delivery options, but eat at your margins. Additionally, industry projections indicate an impending shortage of driver capacity – exacerbated by competitive pressure of crowdsourced delivery platforms that are moving into the freight and package delivery space.

In this turbulent time, how can you continue to offer competitive fulfillment options to your customers?

GoJentha™ is your solution. This innovate app platform can enable your business to quickly build out a highly agile, on-demand delivery workforce by leveraging the power of the crowd – independent, credentialed employees that work only when you need them to.

How? GoJentha™ allows you to onboard trusted delivery providers – local courier companies offering last mile delivery – or even existing employees into your own private crowd. By growing your enterprise crowd, you grow capacity and availability for the market of today – and tomorrow. Be ready with GoJentha™!