Workforce Management Suite: Time Study Application

Have you ever wondered why there are not many mobile applications that cater to business needs? Well, wonder no more! At nuVizz, as part of our Workforce Management Suite built on our mobile development framework, we are creating mobile applications to cater to specific industry verticals.


Time Study App is intended for conducting time and motion study to create engineered labor standards primarily in areas like manufacturing and logistics. But, the application is built in such a way that it can be used in any industry. Together with our on-demand staffing app, GoJentha, these workforce management tools are a powerful set to help maximize your staff.

Time Study App Features:

  • All elements, transactions, attributes are user defined and configurable.
  • Attribute behavior (when to capture [start/stop], value type, number/text/multiple-choice) is completely configurable.
  • Automatically capture element time duration from start to stop and total time for the transaction.
  • Capture audio, video and notes during the actual time study without leaving or closing the time study.
  • Capture Delay elements during the time study.
  • Completely self-contained native application.
  • Create discrete elements, transactions (activities), conduct time study of any transaction‚ all on the device.
  • Create any number of configurable attributes to capture against any element or transaction (e.g. user name, pace rate, activity type etc.)
  • Easy to use time study screen with easy navigations.
  • Export the time study data from the device for further analysis.
  • Export/Import configuration data from one device to another.

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Time Study Application Usage and How To

Step 1: Create Elements

Time study app delivery The first step in the process is to create discrete elements. You can specify the name of the element, type of element‚ standard or delay and assign attributes to be captured for the element during the time study. There is no limit on the number of attributes that you can assign to an element.

Step 2: Create Transactions (Activities)

time study app delivery A transaction is a set of elements. You can create a transaction by choosing from the elements and arranging them based on the sequence of operation. Just as in the case of elements, you can assign attributes to transactions.

Step 3: Conduct Time Study

Time study app delivery Time Study is the core of the application. Here you can study any transaction by capturing the different elements‚ time, attributes etc. You can start/stop elements, automatically capture the element time, capture delay elements and total transaction time. You can also capture audio, video and notes while studying the activity without suspending the time study.

Step 4: Export Study Data & Configuration

Time study app The captured study data can be exported into excel for easy analysis. Study data can be exported either by an individual transaction or for all transactions. The configuration data (elements, transactions, attributes) can also be exported from one device and imported into another reducing configuration time when using the application on multiple devices.

Export/Import Configuration Data & Voice/Video

Step 1

Time study app To export or import configuration data and Audio/Video files, connect your Apple device to your PC/Mac. Launch iTunes and select the device. Select the Apps tab and right click on the 'Sync' or 'Automatically sync new apps' checkbox.

Step 2

Time study App delivery Scroll down to File Sharing. Under Time Study Application select a folder and right click on the 'Save to...' button. You can save this file to your folder. To import files, right click on the 'Add...' button and select a folder. You can transfer these files to your hand held device.