Do your B2B Customers have Uber like visibility?

Use our B2B Delivery Platform to provide real time visibility.

Do you spend a lot of time booking delivery appointments?

Use our Appointment Scheduling and Customer Portal capabilities.

How many hours you spend planning your B2B delivery routes?

Use our AI enabled Route Planning and Optimization.

Are your drivers and vehicles fully utilized?

Use our Load Management & Capacity Planning features

Having too many customer calls asking "Where is my order"?

Use our Automated Communication and AI & ML powered Predictive ETAs

Are your customers happy with your delivery service?

Increase your brand recognition through feedback and Customer Surveys

B2B Deliveries require providing your B2B customers with consistent and predictable experience while making the best use of your delivery resources in times of rising fuel costs and driver shortages.

  • Reduced manual processes
  • Increased delivery accuracy
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased capacity utilization and throughput
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

B2B Delivery Solution Capabilities

Real-Time Transportation Visibility - nuVizz
Customer Delivery Notification - nuVizz












System Uptime

nuVizz Platform

Vehicle Routing, Scheduling & Dispatch Functions

Functions at Point of Delivery / Pick up

Automation & Data Warehousing

AI & ML based Functions

"Made a difference in our efficiency in routing our drivers"

"Great for multi leg delivery networks and end to end visibility"

"Great Team with Great Expertise and an Expansive Platform"

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