What does UberRush mean to Enterprises and the Last Mile?

The Last Mile Dilemma

Why is the last mile so important, not only to enterprises, but to consumers? The way people shop is changing daily. Consumers want a personalized experience; they want complete visibility of their product and expect it to arrive to their home within less than a week.

Higher Standards from Consumers

Customers today hold companies to a higher standard than ever before. If companies want to keep up and stay ahead of the curve with the increase of demand from customers shopping online, they have to adapt a last mile solution that meets their customers’ needs.

Last Mile Delivery can be costly

Some of the challenges that enterprises face today is that 50% of the total delivery cost is consumed by last mile delivery according to an article published by Honeywell.   One of the biggest issue is delivery to remote areas or congested urban areas- causing the driver to not be able to locate the address or the home cannot accept delivery.