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The Keys To Optimizing Your Last Mile Delivery Ecosystem

Finding the secrets to deliver a premium last mile delivery experience for you, your stakeholders and your customers in the modern delivery landscape is a little like sitting down with a 1000-piece puzzle and no reference to tell you how you’re supposed to put the pieces together.

Make no mistake – your competitors have already figured it out, and the features you have aren’t going to set you apart from the pack.

Electronic proof of delivery with Lat/Long timestamp? Par for the course.

Real-time fleet management? Table stakes.

Instant surveys? Old news.

Although they’re important pieces of the puzzle, they aren’t the entire puzzle. For that, you’re going to need some very special keys.

First, you must achieve true 360° Visibility of your shipments that goes beyond real-time track and trace. We live in a golden age of GPS-enabled tracking, and most solutions will give you access to location data for your shipments, whether it’s in the form of static EDI messages or even real-time GPS tracking. But that just answers where your shipments may be at any particular time.

To compete in the modern delivery landscape, you need to answer a lot more questions like “What’s the condition of my cargo?” and “Who has it now?” for both your own drivers and other contract agents who may be part of your multi-layered delivery ecosystem.

Second, that end-to-end visibility has to be in the service an all-around upgraded last mile delivery experience that works for all stakeholders and boosts satisfaction. But what does that entail?

That means managing, meeting and exceeding your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). To do that, you need every link your supply chain to be able to scorecard – from customers ranking your service at the point of delivery to dispatch ranking driver and partner performance and reliability.

With pervasive scorecarding, you can utilize the power of Big data analytics with the TMS and Business Intelligence systems you already have to deliver the ultimate in satisfaction.

Finally, this efficient use of Big data analytics will allow you to effectively and proactively respond to daily exceptions and disruptions from truck breakdowns to late deliveries. With a powerful and customizable reporting engine, your last mile delivery business can make better-informed business decisions in real time. That’s the difference between your dispatch dashboard remaining a lovely shade of green or breaking out in amber and crimson alerts as unexpected events pile up, frustrating your customers.

Mastering these challenges will give you the keys to help you solve your last mile delivery “puzzles”.

Fortunately, we’ve crafted a new eBook – UNLOCKING THE PUZZLE: 3 KEYS TO OPTIMIZING YOUR LAST MILE DELIVERY ECOSYSTEM – that speaks directly to these challenges you face. Once you’ve unlocked the puzzle, you can enable end-to-end visibility across your network and your partners while reducing costs and delivering improved satisfaction across the board.

It’s time to take the next step for your last mile delivery business.

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