5 Ways to Make the On-Demand Economy a Lifestyle at Your Company

Employees Seeking “Gig-Like” Experiences

As the on-demand economy grows, how are companies creating a work environment that encourages collaboration, flexibility and even autonomy? By 2020, 40% of US workers will fall into the category of freelance worker or contingent worker.

As companies not only think about leveraging the on-demand economy in their operations and logistics strategies, they should also think about how to foster an environment that is good that excites employees and incentivizes them to be a part of this emerging trend. Accenture offers an extensive study on how companies can create an internal “gig like” experience.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion

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Hard at Work in the “Think Tank”

Tips from the Accenture Strategy Study to Create an Internal “Gig” Experience:

  1. Hyper-Personalize Your Strategy- customize talent strategy based on an individualized approach.
  2. Connect Employees’ Work to the Purpose of the Organization- offer a more fulfilling employee experience.
  3. Re-imagine the Learning and Development Experience – support talent with coaching and developmental opportunities that are more frequent, informal and experiential.
  4. Think “Agile”- talent strategy must be flexible and nimble to pivot based on need and problem solving.
  5. Provide a Small-team Feel- create a sense of ownership and empowerment with personal attention.

Celebrating Innovation #nuVizz5

At nuVizz, we pride ourselves in creating dynamic small teams where we cater to our employees’ talents and inspire them to take ownership of their projects. As we celebrate five years of success, we want to take the time to thank our employees for always bringing innovative concepts to our space that ignite our creativity and challenge the status quo. Without that type of mentality, who can survive the on-demand economy?