[Podcast] 5 Questions with Guru Rao, CEO

Jul 14 2016
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Tiffany Williams, Marketing, and Gautami Chennur, Intern, sat down with Guru Rao, CEO of nuVizz Inc., to discuss Guru’s strategic plan for the organization and how he foresees nuVizz growing and expanding in the future.

5 Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Guru defines nuVizz in just five words and discusses how we stand apart with our innovative technology
  • Defines his personal values (e.g.”Treat people the way you want to be treated”) serving as a guide to help him better assess customer needs and work with enterprises
  • Highlights his Top 5 Accomplishments over the course of the past five years
  • Explores concepts about building collaboration and finding your passion at work
  • Touches upon the “Make it Happen” mantra at nuVizz and how that has helped grow the company exponentially now and in the years to come