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nuVizz Recognized with Top Supply Chain Project Award for Excellence in Pharmaceutical Delivery Technology

ATLANTA, July 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — nuVizz, a leading delivery and transportation platform in last mile delivery technology (LMDT), today announced its recognition among the Top Supply Chain Projects of 2023 by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. nuVizz’s ability to bolster supply chain resiliency and create real-time visibility proved invaluable for a Fortune 10 pharma customer that implemented nuVizz in its pharmaceutical delivery execution.

This pharmaceutical shipping giant transformed its customer experience and provided much-needed delivery visibility by deploying nuVizz’s real-time delivery orchestration platform. nuVizz worked with the customer’s 26+ distribution centers and 220+ carrier hubs to integrate seamlessly with existing technology solutions and create a standardized system at an unprecedented scale. The pharmaceutical company can now track each of its 500k+ daily totes continuously from distribution center hubs to last mile routes, and eventually, to the end customers. The combined project also established a process for tracking customer returns back to distribution centers.

“Product safety and traceability are essential for pharmaceutical deliveries. Customers want to be able to see exactly when their deliveries are arriving at their door,” said Gururaj Rao, CEO, nuVizz. “By providing this pharmaceutical company’s customers with delivery ETAs based on real-time data, we’ve removed ambiguity from the delivery process, and in turn, reduced customer calls by more than 70%.”

Previously, nuVizz’s pharmaceutical customer relied on its carriers to provide delivery visibility, but new regulatory mandates and increased customer demand for delivery information motivated the company to improve delivery operations and own the customer experience. Ongoing supply chain disruptions further highlighted the necessity of leveraging automation and technology to improve resiliency and visibility.

nuVizz established consistent processes for delivery drivers, including scanning products and digitally verifying proof of delivery. Automation of invoicing and billing eliminated wasteful paper records and increased billing accuracy. Ultimately, nuVizz’s features translated into more effective business continuity planning and execution for the pharmaceutical company.

The winners of the Top Supply Chain Projects award have undertaken case study projects that drive automation, optimization, and streamlining of the supply chain. Supply & Demand Chain Executive particularly focused on supply chain visibility projects and effective partnerships when selecting this year’s recipients.

View a full list of the winners here.

About nuVizz

nuVizz lights the way to better delivery and transportation logistics. From the first mile to the last mile-and everything in between – we’re trailblazers in supply chain optimization and digitization. Infinitely flexible, the nuVizz SaaS platform drives visibility, control, cost savings, and a better customer experience across the fulfillment lifecycle.

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