Mobile Apps Disrupting The Freight Industry

Do you have real-time visibility?

Creating a smooth and seamless supply chain means having real-time visibility across your internal fleet network, contract carriers, hubs and other parties. It requires effective transportation management solution for both mobile devices and desktop.

Current Trends in the Industry

A recent article reported that 70 percent of all freight moved in the United States travels by truck – a total of 10 billion tons of goods each year. Although the trucking industry plays a huge role in the transport of goods nationwide, the industry is extremely fragmented.
In particular, brokers and 3PLs (3rd party logistics companies) rely heavily on telephone calls to engage small-to-mid-size carriers needing intermediaries to transact business with shippers. This is not the most efficient or cost-effective means of moving freight in the age of on-demand commerce.
The introduction of mobile apps to this industry has altered this paradigm significantly. Mobile solutions are replacing the traditional middleman that links truckers to shippers and vice versa. Additionally, apps are transforming the dispatch process for modern shippers, making possible an unprecedented level of efficiency, route optimization and automation. But how do you find the right solution that is easy enough to implement, affordable and quick to deploy for your business and your existing TMS/ERP systems?

Finding the Right Solution for Your Business

Our solution, nuDeliverIt, connects shippers with truck carriers to schedule transport using optimized templates that can quickly build routes based on distance, weight, size and other customizable variables. Our rules-based algorithm makes dispatch dead easy for brokers and 3PLs. Whether using it for your private fleet or your contracted partners, nuDeliverIt maximizes capacity, lets you fill your recurring static “milk runs” with certainty, and reduces both fuel costs and planning time.
Furthermore, nuDeliverIt provides real-time GPS tracking for all stakeholders, helpful notifications to keep customers, drivers, and dispatch informed of real-time events and electronic documentation and signature capture to guarantee peace of mind.
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