Dispatch Route Planning Made Simple

Submitted by Varun Athreya, Business Analyst

As a dispatcher or shipper, you are constantly looking for the ideal tools that make building efficient routes both quick and easy. There are a series of requirements, however, that a tool would have to meet in order to truly transform how you do route planning:

  • Can I build a route from my warehouse or distribution center going to multiple destinations?  
  • Can I build these routes based on stop-level attributes; for example, group all stops going to the 19040 zip code or the town of Hatboro?
  • Can I define maximum capacity for these routes or loads?  By volume? By weight?
  • Can I automatically assign built routes to certain carriers based on rules?  Can these rules be scheduled?
  • What about milk runs – those repeatable replenishment or restock orders every Monday, Wednesday and Friday going to the same locations, same product same quantities?
  • Even if you could find a solution that lets you set up scheduled building rules, how can you be sure that the routes are optimally built to take maximum advantage of your vehicle capacity and proximity?

How can you accomplish all of this?

The answer lies in advanced routing algorithms that look at all stops, trips, deliveries and make the best decisions to create loads or routes.  Instead of only looking at a subset of stops and stop level attributes, these engines can look at all stops and make routing decisions based on location, capacity and even time windows.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But here’s the rub: While TMS solutions like this exist, they are often difficult and time-consuming to deploy, slow to release new functionality and features, overkill in what your enterprise needs, and most importantly…they’re just too darn expensive!

Sidestep those issues with an easy-to-deploy and maintain cloud-based (SaaS) solution. nuVizz provides a suite of last mile mobile-based dispatch and visibility solutions (nuDeliverItvehmo) that give shippers intuitive yet advanced routing tools to meet your shipping needs, real-time visibility around your deliveries, drivers and vehicles…all at a fraction of the cost.

Money savings? Check. Time savings? Check. Making dispatch easier and more efficient than ever? Check!

Streamline your transportation or logistics management business, and make dispatch a breeze. Contact us today to request a demo!

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