Omnichannel: Ecommerce, Last Mile Delivery & Workforce Management

Mobile phones, ecommerce, apps and ever-changing consumer behavior is forcing retailers to adopt the “omnichannel” strategy. That means your business has to be agile enough to move to where the customers are now…and where they’ll be tomorrow!

With more consumers shopping online via ecommerce or mobile phone apps, logistics fleets are seeing an explosion of last mile delivery and white glove delivery demand. It’s crucial that you stay competitive with disruptive businesses and the options they give consumers.

Last mile, final mile, LTL and white glove deliveries rising out of omnichannel challenges logistics companies to provide top service. Companies need to operate profitably, economically and still provide full visibility to satisfy customer demand. Omnichannel also challenges distribution centers as seasonal demand forces distribution centers to staff quickly with skilled on-demand labor.

How are you preparing your workforce for the growing challenges of Omnichannel retail?