Partner Lobby

Our partners are an integral part of our business. We seek strategically-aligned partnerships in different areas of our business:

  • Technology Partners
  • Services Partners
  • Selling Partners

Technology Partners


We’re constantly seeking companies in the area of mobile solutions development with offerings complimentary to our products.

Services Partners

We’re seeking to align with providers in the areas of mobile technology, supply chain, ERP or systems integration technologies.

Manhattan Associates is a best-in-class global solutions provider for supply chain leaders—organizations intent on creating enduring market advantages by leveraging their supply chains. We help our customers successfully manage accelerating and fluctuating market demands, as well as master the increasing complexity and volatility of their local and global supply chains.
Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors, LLC is a consulting and advisory services firm based in Boston. Our dedicated team of consultants offer solutions in the areas of Supply Chain Planning, Distribution Optimization, and Transportation Optimization.

Selling Partners

American-owned and operated since 2001. Experienced consultants with fleet management, operations management and over 12 years of GPS tracking industry experience.

If you would like to resell our products or bundle our solutions with your offerings, we would love to discuss the options.