Mobile Work by Design - mWork

There are tremendous opportunities for approaching work more productively and efficiently, in real-time, while differentiating customer and employee experiences, and reducing operating costs through the effective application of mobility.

When it’s time to mobilize your business, our unique approach will deliver great results

Key Benefits of Our Approach

• Mobile solutions delivered at a fraction of the cost

  • Minimal coding
  • Save time and money by leveraging our all-in-one mobile platform to simply Integrated mobile platform
  • Low offshore costs
  • SaaS pricing for minimal upfront costs, and a pay-as-you-grow model spread across our customer base

• Benefits obtained much more quickly
• No headaches and risks of building in-house
• Results productized for broad market adoption and proven SLA performance

Traditional business mobility has focused on mobile user interfaces for back office systems. This provides some benefits but it’s completely different from mobilizing work by design. What’s more, today’s mobile off-the-shelf software addresses less than 10% of the market’s needs. So to strategically mobilize your business, you’ve traditionally had to build in-house or hire a consultant to help. Either way, you’re left with the risks, manpower, special skills, infrastructure, and maintenance/support burdens.

With nuVizz there’s another, more compelling way which we call “Mobile Work by Design” or “mWork” for short. mWork targets mobile information workers whose work processes are cumbersome or manually-intensive, and whose tools of choice are smartphones and tablets. mWork is about designing work processes for mobility from the ground up, which has the power to change the way work is done – making it more efficient and real-time, while elevating the customer experience.

mWork accelerates mobile projects without the burdens and risks, and delivers the highest quality results at a fraction of the cost


mWork: Our Unique Combination of Capabilities and Tools Under One Roof

  • Core process experience plus mobile strategy & execution expertise
  • Reusable portfolio of apps & app parts
  • All-in-one* mobile platform
  • Commercial-grade SaaS solutions deployed in our cloud
  • Blended-shore engagement model

*mCore includes app & device management, company app store, security, design studio, complete toolkit

We can lay out the mWork value propositions for any of your mobile initiatives. To learn more, contact us at +1 404-937-1971 or We look forward to helping you rapidly mobilize your business at a fraction of the cost!

mWork Components
nuVizz mWork is a unique approach to enterprise mobility and consists of a number of key components:


nuVizz mCore is a highly flexible, comprehensive mobile platform that includes capabilities to:

  • Build device independent mobile apps (equipped with a WYSIWYG design studio)
  • Integrate mobile apps with backend systems (Enterprise Integration Manager)
  • Deploy and manage apps (MAM)
  • Manage and secure devices (MDM)

* iOS and Android support


Our line of business mobile apps are used by thousands of users in our SaaS environment.

Get the benefits of out-of-the-box capabilities for your custom solutions:

  • Data Synchronization and event management
  • Integration authentication
  • Push Notification
  • Location Services
  • Offline Processing
  • Document Management
  • Native capabilities – barcode scanning, image capture and much more


Consulting is central to our business.

We recognize that you are looking for a complete solution and our
consulting practitioners will help you get there with:

  • Mobile Strategy consulting
  • Application design
  • User Experience
  • Process definition
  • Backend system integration
  • Testing and deployment


Mobility is made for the cloud. nuVizz provides expertise in providing SaaS
solutions to thousands of users using the company app store model.

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Application management
  • On-going support and maintenance