Enterprise Integration

Delivery and Transportation solutions depend upon seamless integration. Our mobile solutions combine both process integration and system integration to enable a seamless experience.

Process Integration

We create holistic ecosystems between shippers, business partners, drivers and end customers.

System Integration

Experience seamless connection between business partners, customers and users to your systems of record using our integration framework.

  • Connect your backend systems with the data from your business partners, drivers and end customers
  • Ease of integration with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle (OTM) and others
  • Easy integration with a number of best-of-breed TMS systems such as Manhattan Associates, Red Prairie, TMW, McLeod and others
  • Direct system integration with your carriers (including EDI capability)
  • Enterprise Integration Framework to integrate with any home grown systems
  • Support any and all integration mechanism/protocols including – EDI, webservice, XML, JASON, FTP, sFTP and HTTP(S)