In Conversation with Jeff Gantt, VP, Product Management

Aug 11 2016

Tiffany Williams, Marketing, and Gautami Chennur, Intern, sat down with Jeff Gantt, VP Product Management, of nuVizz Inc., to discuss industry trends, our evolving product suite and solution offerings, and why GoJentha is the next big thing for the on-demand and freelance economy.

5 Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Gives insight on current market trends in mobility and the transition into cloud
  • Defines and elaborates on the on-demand economy and contingent workforce and why enterprises should use GoJentha Mobile Platform
  • Provides a 5 year forecast on the evolution of nuVizz’s product suite and how it aligns with industry expansion and changes
  • Highlights how he measures success both personally and professionally
  • Shares how he overcomes his daily challenges through collaboration

JeffGantt Headshot