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Aug 24 2016

Mobile Apps Disrupting The Freight Industry

Do you have real-time visibility?

Creating a smooth and seamless supply chain means having real-time visibility across your internal fleet network, contract carriers, hubs and other parties. It requires effective transportation management solution for both mobile devices and desktop.  

Current Trends in the Industry

A recent article reported that 70 percent of all freight moved in the United States travels by truck - a total of 10 billion tons of goods each year. Although the trucking industry plays a huge role in the transport of goods nationwide, the industry is extremely fragmented.   In particular, brokers and 3PLs (3rd party logistics companies) rely heavily on...

The New Norm: Same Day and White Glove Delivery

Disruptors like Amazon have raised the stakes in offering next day/ same day delivery to customers. Not only are major disruptors like Amazon changing the pace and speed of delivery but also customers are contributing to this dynamic shift, expecting expedient and cheap delivery. In a recent study where 1,000 U.S. customers were surveyed, it was found that customers expect to wait an average of 4.8 days for delivery, down from 5.5 days in 2012. Not only are customers wanting to wait less for deliveries, they expect cheaper rates for bulk items to be delivered to their home. White-glove delivery services...
Jun 20 2016

What does UberRush mean to Enterprises and the Last Mile?


"50% of the total delivery cost is consumed by last mile delivery"

The Last Mile Dilemma

Why is the last mile so important, not only to enterprises, but to consumers? The way people shop is changing daily. Consumers want a personalized experience; they want complete visibility of their product and expect it to arrive to their home within less than a week.

Higher Standards from Consumers

Customers today hold companies to a higher standard than ever before. If companies want to keep up and stay ahead of the curve with...