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Aug 4 2016

[Podcast] Sitting Down with Our 5 Dynamic Interns

Tiffany Williams, Marketing, with the assistance of Gautami Chennur, Intern, sat down to chat with our summer interns to reflect on their time here at nuVizz.

5 Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Experiences about the company culture
  • Lessons learned working in a cutting edge, innovative company
  • Personal takeaways managing both work and school
  • Favorite memories at nuVizz
  • How the workplace complements education in the classroom
summer interns     ...

Dispatch Route Planning Made Simple

  Submitted by Varun Athreya, Business Analyst As a dispatcher or shipper, you are constantly looking for the ideal tools that make building efficient routes both quick and easy. There are a series of requirements, however, that a tool would have to meet in order to truly transform how you do route planning:
  • Can I build a route from my warehouse or distribution center going to multiple destinations?  
  • Can I build these routes based on stop-level attributes; for example, group all stops going to the 19040 zip code or the town of...

nuVizz Announces Partnership With AIT Worldwide Logistics

Atlanta, GA – August 1, 2016 – nuVizz Inc., an award-winning global delivery and transportation mobile solutions leader, today announced that internationally-recognized AIT Worldwide Logistics has chosen to enhance their white glove delivery offerings with nuVizz’ nuDeliverIt™ mobile delivery tracking solution.   AIT’s white glove transportation services are comprised of over 400,000 deliveries per year, as one component of their business. For over 35 years, they’ve served a myriad of clients with robust offerings ranging from LTL and truckload shipping to efficient intermodal logistics. Now, powered by nuDeliverIt, AIT is poised to truly offer superior shipping...

Real-Time Customer Feedback Matters

Capturing real-time customer feedback is essential to make businesses run better but also a gesture to show customers that YOU care. Customer feedback should be captured at point of delivery or point of sale to establish loyalty and trust. As we can all attest, we want things faster and, as a result, expect superior customer service. If we do not experience the service we imagined, we will leave annoyed and frustrated.   Brand image is important especially when online platforms like Reddit are able to impact your reputation in very short order. Customers can quickly evaluate whether...
Jul 14 2016
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[Podcast] 5 Questions with Guru Rao, CEO

Tiffany Williams, Marketing, and Gautami Chennur, Intern, sat down with Guru Rao, CEO of nuVizz Inc., to discuss Guru's strategic plan for the organization and how he foresees nuVizz growing and expanding in the future.

5 Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Guru defines nuVizz in just five words and discusses how we stand apart with our innovative technology
  • Defines his personal values (e.g."Treat people the way you want to be treated") serving as a guide to help him better assess customer needs and work with enterprises
  • Highlights his Top 5 Accomplishments over the course of the past five years
  • Explores concepts about...

Real-Time Visibility Is Redefining Food and Beverage Delivery

Coordination. It’s a simple, straightforward word, but it’s also a very powerful one. It’s the difference between success and failure in the food and beverage delivery business.  Coordination means visibility and communication between your customers, your dispatch, your drivers and, sometimes, third party logistics and delivery agents who are essential for last mile delivery scenarios. Time sensitive nature of the food & beverage deliveries cannot rely on point-to-point integration and requires systems that connect all parties in real-time using the latest smartphone and cloud technologies. Achieving that is not easy. Even if you’ve eschewed the cumbersome traditional manual dispatch...

5 Ways to Make the On-Demand Economy a Lifestyle at Your Company

Employees Seeking "Gig-Like" Experiences

As the on-demand economy grows, how are companies creating a work environment that encourages collaboration, flexibility and even autonomy? By 2020, 40% of US workers will fall into the category of freelance worker or contingent worker. As companies not only think about leveraging the on-demand economy in their operations and logistics strategies, they should also think about how to foster an environment that is good that excites employees and incentivizes them to be a part of this emerging trend. Accenture offers an extensive study on how companies can create an internal “gig like” experience.

Creating a Culture of...