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Sep 13 2016

BrandsMart USA Selects nuVizz to Create the Next Level of Customer Experience

nuVizz Inc., an award-winning global delivery and transportation mobile solutions leader, today announced that premier retailer BrandsMart USA has chosen to enhance their white glove delivery offerings via the nuDeliverIt™ mobile delivery tracking solution.

BrandsMart USA continues to raise the bar on stellar customer experience. By integrating real-time visibility for multi-network private and third party fleet into one simple electronic dashboard to address their growing appliance and furniture business, the company positions itself for even greater customer satisfaction. For more than 35 years, BrandsMart USA has served countless customers with the best electronic,...

Aug 24 2016

Mobile Apps Disrupting The Freight Industry

Do you have real-time visibility?

Creating a smooth and seamless supply chain means having real-time visibility across your internal fleet network, contract carriers, hubs and other parties. It requires effective transportation management solution for both mobile devices and desktop.  

Current Trends in the Industry

A recent article reported that 70 percent of all freight moved in the United States travels by truck - a total of 10 billion tons of goods each year. Although the trucking industry plays a huge role in the transport of goods nationwide, the industry is extremely fragmented.   In particular, brokers and 3PLs (3rd party logistics companies) rely heavily on...
Aug 11 2016

In Conversation with Jeff Gantt, VP, Product Management

Tiffany Williams, Marketing, and Gautami Chennur, Intern, sat down with Jeff Gantt, VP Product Management, of nuVizz Inc., to discuss industry trends, our evolving product suite and solution offerings, and why GoJentha is the next big thing for the on-demand and freelance economy.

5 Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Gives insight on current market trends in mobility and the transition into cloud
  • Defines and elaborates on the on-demand economy and contingent workforce and why enterprises should use GoJentha Mobile Platform
  • Provides a 5 year forecast on the evolution of nuVizz's product suite and how it aligns with industry expansion and changes
  • Highlights how he measures success both...

The New Norm: Same Day and White Glove Delivery

Disruptors like Amazon have raised the stakes in offering next day/ same day delivery to customers. Not only are major disruptors like Amazon changing the pace and speed of delivery but also customers are contributing to this dynamic shift, expecting expedient and cheap delivery. In a recent study where 1,000 U.S. customers were surveyed, it was found that customers expect to wait an average of 4.8 days for delivery, down from 5.5 days in 2012. Not only are customers wanting to wait less for deliveries, they expect cheaper rates for bulk items to be delivered to their home. White-glove delivery services...
Aug 4 2016

[Podcast] Sitting Down with Our 5 Dynamic Interns

Tiffany Williams, Marketing, with the assistance of Gautami Chennur, Intern, sat down to chat with our summer interns to reflect on their time here at nuVizz.

5 Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Experiences about the company culture
  • Lessons learned working in a cutting edge, innovative company
  • Personal takeaways managing both work and school
  • Favorite memories at nuVizz
  • How the workplace complements education in the classroom
summer interns     ...

Dispatch Route Planning Made Simple

  Submitted by Varun Athreya, Business Analyst As a dispatcher or shipper, you are constantly looking for the ideal tools that make building efficient routes both quick and easy. There are a series of requirements, however, that a tool would have to meet in order to truly transform how you do route planning:
  • Can I build a route from my warehouse or distribution center going to multiple destinations?  
  • Can I build these routes based on stop-level attributes; for example, group all stops going to the 19040 zip code or the town of...

nuVizz Announces Partnership With AIT Worldwide Logistics

Atlanta, GA – August 1, 2016 – nuVizz Inc., an award-winning global delivery and transportation mobile solutions leader, today announced that internationally-recognized AIT Worldwide Logistics has chosen to enhance their white glove delivery offerings with nuVizz’ nuDeliverIt™ mobile delivery tracking solution.   AIT’s white glove transportation services are comprised of over 400,000 deliveries per year, as one component of their business. For over 35 years, they’ve served a myriad of clients with robust offerings ranging from LTL and truckload shipping to efficient intermodal logistics. Now, powered by nuDeliverIt, AIT is poised to truly offer superior shipping...

Real-Time Customer Feedback Matters

Capturing real-time customer feedback is essential to make businesses run better but also a gesture to show customers that YOU care. Customer feedback should be captured at point of delivery or point of sale to establish loyalty and trust. As we can all attest, we want things faster and, as a result, expect superior customer service. If we do not experience the service we imagined, we will leave annoyed and frustrated.   Brand image is important especially when online platforms like Reddit are able to impact your reputation in very short order. Customers can quickly evaluate whether...