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nuVizz Proudly Presents DeliverIt


Key Benefits:

  • Dispatch Management
  • Load Assignment to Drivers
  • Load Assignment to Carriers
  • Real-Time Delivery Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Mobile Delivery Execution
  • Scan Deliveries on Mobile
  • Document Management
  • Custom Form Management



Are you looking for an innovative delivery/shipment tracking, dispatch management, delivery automation, mobile delivery management solution built on latest technologies that help you reduce your cost of doing business and improve efficiencies?

Look no further. DeliverIt gives all you are looking for and more!

Key Benefits:

  • Order / Shipment tracking
  • Delivery information tracking
  • Delivery visibility
  • Geo tracking of deliveries on map
  • Visibility to Delivery start time, stop arrival, stop departure, current shipment status real time.
  • Delivery process automation by completing delivery right on the device

Key Benefits of DeliverIt

Better and Faster way to do business
  • Reduced manual intervention and paperwork
  • Improved accuracy and reduced errors
  • Reduced cost of operations

Better Track and Trace
  • Real-time assignment and load visibility to carriers/drivers
  • Real-time track and trace information for each stop

Overall Visibility using a Single Portal
  • Assign loads to carriers / drivers
  • View all current loads in a geo-map view real-time
  • Access POD at your fingertips

Who Can Use DeliverIt?

  • Logistics Service Provider
  • Service Delivery Company
  • Courier Company
  • Shippers
  • Independent Transportation Contractors

What Does It Cost?

DeliverIt is offered as a cloud solution. You will have no hardware and software investment to make and the software maintenance is included with your service. You get all this for a low monthly subscription fee. Please contact sales for more details

Shipment Visibility

Knowing where your shipments are, you can cut down on the number of phone calls and make changes to your planning.
Get immediate feedback on the acceptance of a work assignment by the trucker or service personnel on their mobile device.
Real time work assignment check-in, track drive time to the destination, arrival at stops and detailed OS&D capabilities.

Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) - ePOD

Capture Proof of Delivery on tablets and smart phone devices and get real time information back to your customers.

POD capture comes with exact location of signature (GPS co-ordinates) and time of signature. Capture Signer ID and other identifying information to authenticate POD.

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electronic Proof of Delivery on Mobile

electronic Proof of Delivery on Mobile

Document Management

  • Create a paperless environment by pushing any document (Bill of Lading, Delivery Receipt, Instruction Manual etc.) to mobile device.
  • Attach documents to your delivery, work order, service order etc.
  • Field Personnel can view and take customer signature on the documents on their mobile device.
  • Send the completed documents in real-time to any recipient and reduce the overall cycle time.

Custom Form Management

  • Create custom forms in simple HTML (text fields, drop downs etc.)
  • Attach different custom forms to any field work (work order, service order, delivery etc.) based on the work type.
  • Collect form data on the mobile device as part of work execution and get real-time visibility to field data.

electronic Proof of Delivery on Mobile

DeliverIt Architecture

Rapid Deployment - DeliverIt is offered on a SaaS environment to enable fast deployment into your environment.

Smartphone Integration - The system integrates with smartphone devices (Android/ iOS) that are used by the drivers and resides on the devices as an App.

Event based monitoring - Powerful event engines in the portal provides the visibility and handles events from shipment pickup to delivery.

Is DeliverIt For Me?

Of course it is! DeliverIt is the perfect and a must-have solution for Fleet owners, Trucking carriers, LTL carriers, TL carriers, Freight forwarders, Couriers, Freight brokers, Freight owners and anyone in the Trucking, Transportation and Freight industry. Here you can send us a message with your needs and we will respond to you immediately! If you need more information, please download our free brochure:

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