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Supply Chain Implementation Services

Supply Chain Consulting

nuVizz has in-depth experience in implementing Supply Chain Solutions from vendors such as Manhattan Associates, Red Prairie and SAP across multiple industries like Retail, Wholesale, Consumer Products Group, E-Commerce, and Life Sciences.

Our subject matter experts can help at all levels right from evaluation of existing processes and systems, future processes, new technology and products, procurement, end-to-end deployment services, and support services.

We are an official consulting partner of Manhattan Associates (MA) - a leading Supply Chain solutions vendor. The partnership helps our clients implementing MA solutions to better use our expertise. nuVizz has a consulting practice focusing on MA solutions. We have a number of practitioners with background in operations and technology and a number of years of MA solution implementation experience. Some of the key benefits to our clients from our MA partnership:

  • Our Partnership enables us to leverage MA expertise and resources
  • We can work closely with MA project team to ensure our clients' success
  • We have access to MA latest resources (documentations, training etc.)
  • No restrictions with the sharing of relevant project / product information between nuVizz and MA
  • Our partnership helps our client to view nuVizz and MA as a coordinated team working towards their success


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Today, all solution implementations involve multiple parties - software vendors, hardware vendors, OS vendors, database vendors, consultants etc. Usually, each has a good understanding of its part but rarely do they have an appreciation for all the other components of the solution and its overall goals.

Most of the failed programs today are not usually due to failure of one of the parts but because, as a “whole” they fail to deliver.

nuVizz makes a big difference in that “whole” by not only being the Subject Matter Experts but also trusted advisors in understanding and guiding our clients to realize their goals.

WMS Systems Evaluation

  • RFP Development
  • Requirements Definition (Functional and Technical)
  • Roadmap definition for roll-out

WMS Procurement

  • Technology / Hardware Sourcing Support
  • Complete ROI Analysis

End-to-end Deployment

  • Project / Program Management
  • Design (Functional, Technical, Interface)
  • Development
  • Configuration and Testing
  • Documentation (SOPs, QRGs, Training material)
  • Training (Super User, End User)

Support Services

Level 2 and 3 support services. WMS stabilization and upgrades. Reduce your IT budgets for long term care and feed of your systems by utilizing the advanced support services from NuVizz Inc.

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